Hi Neighbour Sam unveiled; Carnegie's Winnipeg legacy; Izzy Asper born.

August 11, 1919 - Andrew Carnegie dies. The steel tycoon became one of the world's great philanthropists. His reach stretched to Winnipeg as he provided funding for Winnipeg's Central Library on William and partial funding for the St. John's and Cornish branches. (Also see PBS' American Experience Carnegie site.)

August 11, 1943 - The Guess Who's original bassist Jim Kale is born in Winnipeg.

August 11, 1968
- Hi Neighbour Sam is unveiled at Regent and Lagimodiere. The 3.4 metre tall statue was based on a design by Roger Tychonick and created by artist Giorgio (George) Barone.

August 11, 1932 - Israel Harold "Izzy" Asper is born in Minnedosa.

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