August 31: Hello CKND & MuchMusic; Navy WRENS say farewell.

August 31, 1975 – Pembina, ND television station KCND's Winnipeg signal goes off the air at 8:30 pm. A half-hour later, CKND, (now Global Winnipeg), signs on. Here are some early station identifications!

August 31, 1984 - MuchMusic begins broadcasting. The first video played is The Enemy Within by Rush. (Also see When MuchMusic mattered.)

August 31, 1946 - The WRENS are disbanded. The Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS) were created in 1942 and at their peak boasted nearly 7,000 members. They did much the same work as their male counterparts, except serve in battle. In September 2006 Winnipeg hosted the final ex-WREN reunion dinner.

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