August 29: Man-Pop rocks Arena; 'Cartoon Charlie' is born; Bomber CFL records.

August 29, 1970 – Man-Pop, Winnipeg’s first outdoor rock festival, begins at the Winnipeg Stadium.

The twelve hour long concert ended soon after it began when an intense downpour damaged the sound system and destroyed some musical equipment. Organizers hastily moved the crowd into the Winnipeg Arena and the concert resumed. Headliner Led Zeppelin finally took to the stage 2 a.m..

For more on Man-Pop see my West End Dumplings post !

August 29, 1959 – The Bombers break two CFL records in single a game against Saskatchewan. Bomber quarterback Jim Van Pelt throws seven touchdown passes, a record that would stand until 1962. Five of those catches are made by Ernie Pitts and that is still a CFL record.

August 29, 1890 - Artist and illustrator Charles Thorson is born in Winnipeg.

Part of the West End's Icelandic community, Thorson worked locally as an editorial cartoonist and an illustrator with Eaton's catalogue. In 1935 he landed a job with Disney, then went on to other Hollywood studios.

Thorson is credited with creating hundreds of characters, most recognizable are Snow White, The Seven Dwarfs, Elmer the Safety Elephant, Elmer Fudd and a prototype for Bugs Bunny.

Thorson died near Vancouver B.C. in August 1966. His fonds are at the University of Manitoba.

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