July 8: NWMP head west; Pat Shea, brewer; Holy Trinity Cathedral consecrated.

Sir Sam Steele Legion Branch 117 Wreath Laying Ceremony
July 8, 1962 - The Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral on Main Street is consecrated by the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. It's also home to the Manitoba branch of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada.

July 8, 1933 - Patrick Shea, co-founder of Winnipeg's Shea Brewery, dies. He was also a championship Clydesdale breeder and used the horses to pull his beer wagons. Before he died he sold his teams to St. Louis brewery Anhueser Busch and they carry on the tradition to this day.

July 8, 1874 - The 300-member North West Mounted Police leave Dufferin, Manitoba on their two-month long trek to bring law and order to Western Canada.

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