July 25: Carman boils over; Security Storage / Kromar Printing Building; St-Jean's champion wheat.

July 25, 2007 - The Town of Carman breaks the Canadian record for the highest humidex reading ever recorded. The air temperature was 34 degrees but with humidity reached 53 degrees !

July 25, 1905 - Businessman and farmer William Clougher dies. He brought international attention to his St. Jean Manitoba farm when he grew a top quality crop of Red Fife wheat in just 95 days. It went on to win top honours at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

Old Safeways
July 25, 1951 - The Safeway store at Burnell and Portage opens. It remained part of the chain until 1985 when it was sold to Harry Halbesma and became Harry's Foods. In 2007 it became a Food Fare

July 25, 1929 - The Security Storage / Kromar Printing Building on Portage Avenue at Huntleigh opens.

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