July 11: Manitoba boils; Jimmie Skinner and Frank Frederickson die.

July 11, 1895 - Sigurdur Franklin "Frank" Frederickson is born in Winnipeg. He captained the Winnipeg Falcons to their Allen Cup win and gold medal victory at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp.

Skinners Memoribilia
July 11, 2007 - Jimmie Skinner dies. Born in Selkirk in 1917, Skinner played and coached hockey, including the 1955 Stanley Cup-winning Detroit Red Wings. In his early days he spent the off season working at the family business, Skinner's in Lockport.

He is credited with starting the tradition of kissing the Stanley Cup !

July 13 1936, Winnipeg Free Press

July 11, 1936 - Manitoba is in the midst of its worst heat wave. Since July 5 temperatures have been above 32 degrees.

On this date, the temperatures boil over. Dozens of weather stations reached record temperatures that still stand today. This includes Winnipeg at 42.2 degrees and Brandon at 43.3. St. Albans, south of Brandon, recorded the hottest temperature ever recorded in Manitoba: 44.4 degrees.

In Winnipeg at least 29 deaths were blamed directly on the heat, many more died from drowning in local rivers and creeks trying to escape it.

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