June 7: Police Chief busted; Schreyer leads CCF; Window Park opens.

June 7, 1874 - Winnipeg Police raid a Sherbrook Street brothel. One 'john' discovered in a state of partial undress is Winnipeg Police Chief James S. Ingram. He was fined and resigned his commission. For more on the infamous James S Ingram. (Image source).

June 7, 1954 - Winds gusting up to 75 mph (120 kph) cuts off power to thousands of homes and disrupts streetcar and trolley service.
Miles MacDonnell Collegiate and parts of Children's Hospital had their roofs blown off. The following day the wind would be a major factor in spreading the Time Building fire, (see tomorrow for more details).

June 7, 1969 - Russell Paulley, one time mayor of Transcona, is succeeded as leader of the Manitoba CCF by Ed Schreyer.

Window Park
June 7, 1985 - Window Park on Portage Avenue officially opens.

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