May 21: Manitoba Medical Association created; Stuntman Russell Saunders.

May 21, 1890 - The Medical Association of Manitoba is organized with Dr. Macklin of Portage la Prairie as president. It was a forerunner to the Manitoba Medical Association which was formed in 1908.


May 21, 1919 - Russell Saunders is born outside Winnipeg. He became a championship diver and gymnast with the Universal Athletic Club that met in the Hebrew Sick Benefit Hall on Selkirk Avenue. 

He later went to Los Angeles to be part of the "Muscle Beach" scene and soon found work as a stuntman, appearing in over 500 films. His perfect physique also landed him the job as the body model for the Christ figure in Salvador Dali's painting The Christ of St. John of the Cross which required him to pose in a hanging position for five weeks.

He died May 29, 2001.

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