April 30: Brandon's last streetcar; CKUW goes public; Mint's coin facility opens.

April 30, 1932 - Citing a lack of funds, the City of Brandon pulls the plug on the Brandon Municipal Railway that had operated in the city since the summer of 1913. It left the city without any form of public transportation for months until a private company offered a bus service. (Click image for source.)

The last known Brandon Streetcar is awaiting restoration at the Edmonton Radial Rail Society.

April 30, 1976 - The Royal Canadian Mint opens their Winnipeg facility for the bulk production of coins and metals. For tours.

April 30, 1984 – An ice storm brings down 12 transmission towers and more than 3,000 hydro poles down in Central and Southern Manitoba.

April 30 1999 - CKUW, the U of W's campus radio station, officially signs on the public airwaves at midnight. The station began in 1968 as an in-house campus radio station.


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