April 28: Jets' last game; Brandon Strikes; Treherne burns; Expo '67 opens.

April 28, 1967 - Expo '67 opens in Montréal. It's not really a Manitoba event but many Manitobans went ! The four Western provinces shared a pavilion.

April 28, 1996 - The Winnipeg Jets play their final game in front of 15,567 fans at the Winnipeg Arena. They lost 4-1 to the Detroit Red Wings.

April 28, 1881 - Stock begins selling in the newly incorporated Winnipeg Street Railway Company. It sold out within an hour. For more on early transportation in Winnipeg nd image source see this MHS essay.

April 28, 1919 - Workers in Brandon hold a city-wide "sympathetic strike" for their colleagues in Winnipeg. They assembled at city hall in what the Brandon Sun called
... the biggest gathering of labour ever held in the city”. For more on Brandon’s 1919 labour unrest.

April 30, 1890 Winnipeg Free Press

April 28, 1890 -A devastating fire in Treherne razes the commercial block from Broadway to Griffin Street. News reports said that arson was suspected as two previous attempts were made to burn buildings down the day before. Two were arrested, though it appears were released in May. 

Here's what the main street looked like the year before the fire  and nineteen years later.

April 28, 1919 - Work starts on the new Maryland Bridge.

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