April 17: Brandon Mental Health building a heritage site; Winnipeg radio debut; CMHR funding announced.

Fmr Brandon Mental Health Centre
April 17, 2001 - The Brandon Mental Health Centre Nurses' Residence (Brandon) is designated a Provincial Heritage Site. It is now home to Assiniboine Community College's Culinary Arts Program.

April 16, 2003, Winnipeg Free Press

April 17, 2003 - Izzy Asper and Canadian Heritage Minister Sheila Copps host a formal funding announcement for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at the Forks Market. It will be the first national Museum to be located outside of Ottawa. 

For a behind the scenes of how the museum funding came about.

April 17 1922, Winnipeg Free Press

April 17, 1922 - In the early days of Winnipeg radio, both the Capitol and Allen (Metropolitan) Theatres host "Radiophone concerts" to demonstrate the magic of the device. Soon, stores began selling radios for household use. For more early radio in Winnipeg.

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