April 14: Casa Loma fire; The Sun goes 7 days; Dominion Lands Act; Titanic damaged.

April 14, 1872 - The Dominion Lands Act is passed by Parliament to grant free land to settlers coming to the West.

Winnipeg Ad to sail the S.S.Titanic, WFP July 29, 1911

April 14, 1912 - At 11:40 p.m. the RMS Titanic is damaged when it strikes an iceberg 640 km south of Newfoundland and begins to sink. The 1,517 dead include 16 immigrants coming to the province and Manitobans Leonard Hickman, Mark Fortune, Charles Fortune, George Graham, Thomson Beattie, Hugo Ross and J.J. Borebank. For more about Manitoba's Titanic connections.

April 14, 1992 - The Winnipeg Sun prints its first Saturday edition making it a seven-day a week newspaper.

April 14, 1942
- Virden-born Harry "Bud" Sketchley makes his debut in Major League Baseball for the Chicago White Sox, one of few Manitobans ever to do so. His career lasted 13 games.

April 14, 1933 - Pioneer Sir Daniel H. McMillan dies.
Described as a colourful character, he came to Manitoba as a member of the Wolseley Expedition. He was also a decorated war veteran and an important figure in Winnipeg's grain trade as the first president of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange. McMillan Avenue is named for him.

Casa Loma Building
April 14, 1928 - The Casa Loma apartments fire at Sherbrook and Portage kills five and injures 12.

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