April 12: New Iceland ends; Marathon of Hope begins; Helen Dallas; Free Press / Tribune "divorce".

April 12, 1876 - The federal government transfers the territory of New Iceland to the newly created District of Keewatin. (Also see New Iceland Museum.)

April 12, 1980 - Winnipeg-born Terry Fox begins his Marathon of Hope by dipping his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean at St. John's, Newfoundland. Sadly, he would never reach his birthplace.

April 12, 1872 - Winnipeg receives a record 33 cm of snow in a single day.

April 12, 2004 - CHUM announces that they have purchased Craig Media and their A-Channel stations in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg as well as CKX in Brandon.

April 12, 1946 - The final joint edition of the Winnipeg Tribune / Winnipeg Free Press rolls off the presses. The two former rivals started the joint publication in November 1945 after a typographers strike crippled their press rooms. For more.

April 12 2008 - Fire guts the K.U.B. Bakery on Stella Avenue.

April 12, 1930 - The village of Makinak, Manitoba burns leaving 150 people homeless. Today Makinak is a ghost town.

April 12, 1898 - Helen Dallas is born in Hastings England. She moved to Winnipeg in 1919 to study music and went on to become a popular local singer and actress. She gave her final recital at the Winnipeg Art Gallery at the age of 85. For more on the life and career of Helen Dallas.

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