April 10: Winnipeg goes automatic dialing; Brandon Court House; RMs created; Isaac Colish.

“Close up of new auto-toll dialing switchboards, Fort Rouge exchange”

April 10, 1920 - The first automatic telephone exchange in Winnipeg is put into service.

Within six years the conversion of the city's exchanges from manual to automatic switchboards is complete giving Winnipeg the distinction of being the first large city in Canada to have a completely automated service.
Operator-dialing in rural Manitoba continued into the 1970s. 

April 10, 1996 - The Detroit Red Wings defeat the Winnipeg Jets to become the second team in NHL history to win 60 regular-season games, ( the '76-'77 Canadiens were first).

April 10, 1985 - The original Brandon Court House is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

April 10, 1920 - The Rural Municipality of Glenella  and Rural Municipality of Lakeview are incorporated.

April 10, 1977 - Isaac Colish dies. The businessman was a community leader in the early decades of West Kildonan's history. For more.

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