December 9: Rose Theatre; Winnie donated; first train; Youth for Christ centre.

Former Rose Theatre
December 9, 1926 – The Rose Theatre opens on Sargent Avenue at Arlington Street with the feature Why Girls Go Back Home starring Myrna Loy. It is now a commercial building.

The Rose was part of the local Allied Theatre chain which included: the Roxy on Henderson Highway (now Roxy Lanes); the long-vacant Palace on Selkirk Avenue; and the Uptown on Academy Road (now Uptown Academy Lanes). For more about the Rose and the Allied chain.

December 9, 1878 – The first train from St. Paul, Minnesota arrives in Winnipeg. The total travel time was nearly 30 hours !

This Library and Archives photo may be of that voyage. It it was taken by Sanford Fleming (date unknown) and entitled "This is the first train seen on the Canadian Prairies at the opening of the Pembina Branch to Winnipeg". The Pembina line runs from Emerson to Winnipeg.

Well Done Bombers
December 9, 1939 - The Bombers beat the Ottawa Roughriders at Lansdowne Park for the 27th Grey Cup. The team is in the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. CBC Archives has a radio clip of the game and post-game interviews.

December 9, 1914 - Lt. Harry Colebourn donates Winnie the Bear to the London Zoo for safekeeping while he is in to France. His intention was to bring her back to Winnipeg with him when the fighting was over. 

December 9, 2011 -  The ribbon is cut on the new Youth for Christ centre at Higgins and Main. 

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