December 30: Abbott Clinic Building; Billy Mosienko Arena; Victorias lose the Stanley Cup.

Mall Plaza / Abbott Clinic Building
December 30, 1927 - The Abbott Clinic Building on Memorial Boulevard opens as home to the Dominion Business College. In 1947 it became the Abbott Clinic and in 2011 home to Sussex Realty.

December 30, 1991 - The Keewatin Arena is renamed the Billy Mosienko Arena. 

December 30, 1967 - Athlete Colleen Miller is born in Winnipeg. Partnered with Wendy Wiebe, she won three world championship rowing titles (1993 - 1995).

December 30, 1943 - The NFB short flim "The People's Bank" premieres in Starbuck, MB. Why there? The film is about the creation of the Starbuck Credit Union and the town plays the lead character. 

December 30, 1896 - The defending Stanley Cup champions the Winnipeg Victorias loose a one-game challenge and the trophy to the Montreal Victorias in Winnipeg.

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