December 28: Manitoba's first newspaper; Terry Sawchuck born; Brandon Gaol's first hanging.

December 28, 1859 – The first edition of The Nor'Wester, Red River's first newspaper, was published. Founders William Buckingham and William Coldwell were Toronto Globe reporters who had its presses hauled by ox-cart from St. Paul, Minnesota.

Its offices were located in a small building near present day Main Street at William Stephenson Way.  A commemorative plaque on the exterior of the Federal Building marks the site.

The Nor'Wester ceased publication in 1869 when it was seized by Louis Riel’s men.

December 28, 1888 - The first hanging took place at Brandon Gaol.

W. P. Webb, the owner of Pacific Laundry at First and Rosser, shot his wife Mary Jane dead while she was doing the laundry because she was "going on at him." Police said alcohol was a factor.

Webb had a history of abusing his wife. Earlier that year, he attempted to strangle her but she escaped to a neighbor's house. He was taken to jail to cool off but she did not press charges and he was released.

December 28, 1929 - Terry Sawchuk was born in Winnipeg. Considered by many to be the greatest NHL goalie, Sawchuk won the Vezina Trophy three times in his twenty-season NHL career.


Anonymous said...

Martin Brodeur long ago passed Terry Sawchuk in the shutout lead. Terry finished with 103, but Marty is still going with more than 120 and counting.

Christian Cassidy said...

Thank you. I must have pulled that tidbit from an old entry. Correction made !

Christian Cassidy said...

I think I got it form his Hall of Fame induction entry. Often when people receive awards of are inducted into halls of fame, Order of Canada etc. the text does not change though their feats may have since been surpassed.