December 24: A Pooh is born; Norquay resigns; Uptown Theatre opens.

December 24, 1925 – The London Evening News publishes a short story by writer A.A. Milne. Among the characters introduced is a bear named Winnie-the-Pooh. See the CBC Archives story for more !

Academy Uptown Lanes
December 24, 1931 - The Uptown theatre on Academy Road opens. The first feature to be shown was The Brat starring Sally O'Neil.

December 24, 1887 - Premier John Norquay (also) resigns from office due to ill health.

Norquay broke the mold for what a politician was expected to be. He was an athlete and educator, not a lawyer. He was the first Manitoba-born person to hold the seat, (it would take almost 50 years for the next one). He was also Métis. 

A burly man of 300 lbs, he also did not fit what a premier should look like, either !

Norquay 1
 “Honourable John” died the following year at the age of 48. His gravestone at St. John’s Cemetery reads:

To the memory of The Hon. John Norquay
Who was for many years Premier of Manitoba.
By his sudden and all too early death
His native land lost an eloquent speaker
An honest Statesman and a true friend.
Born May 8, 1841, Died July 5, 1889
This monument is a public expression of his sterling worth.

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