December 13: Morden hanging; Moffat's big gift; North Portage Development Corp. created.

June 15, 1907 Morning Telegram

December 13, 1907
Lawrence Gowland (23) is hanged in Morden for the murder of Georgina Brown.

Young Georgina was hired help on a farm east of Killarney, Manitoba. Gowland attacked her, presumably for sex, and when she resisted he mutilated her with a straight razor and tried to slit his own throat. Gowland survived and eventually confessed before being hanged by his still-recovering neck.

Georgina was buried in May 1907. It was reported to the Free Press to be "The largest concourse of people ever gathered together" in the town for the funeral and march to Killarney Cemetery.

December 13, 2001 – The Moffat family (of CKY/Moffat Communications fame) donate $100 million to the Winnipeg Foundation. It is the largest gift ever given to a Canadian charity.  Since that time the Moffat Family Foundation has generated $35 million in grants to community charities.

December 13, 1983 - The tri-government body North Portage Development Corporation  is incorporated.

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