December 11: MB's first curling match; Timothy Eaton statue unveiled; Bracken leads Tories.

Timothy E
December 11, 1919 - Winnipeg’s Timothy Eaton statue is unveiled. The Ivor Lewis work weighs in at over 1000 kg and has a twin in Toronto. 

In 2002 it was declared a provincial heritage object to prevent it from being sold out of the province. It now rests in the MTS Centre. For more on Winnipeg's Timothy Eaton statue.

December 11, 1920 - R.B. Russell, a labour leader during the 1919 General Strike, is released from prison on parole.

December 11, 1942 - At their convention in Winnipeg, the Conservatives elect John Bracken as leader and change their name to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

Bracken served in the Manitoba Legislature for over 20 and as premier from 1922 - 1943 before jumping to federal politics.

December 11, 1876 - The first official curling match is played in Manitoba at the newly created Manitoba Curling Club on Ellen Street.

The skips were James Barclay, a contractor of large-scale buildings and Alexander Brown of Brown and Rutherford fame. As per the early custom, the losing team (brown's) donated a barrel of oatmeal to the General Hospital.

December 11, 1962 - The last hanging in Canada takes wasn't until July 14, 1976 that the death penalty was abolished. For more on Manitoba's last hanging and what the end of capital punishment to Manitobans on death row, check out my West End Dumplings post.

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