December 1: Fairchild takeover; CKX AM on the air; World AIDS Day.

December 1 - 2 , 1962 - The 50th Grey Cup was a two-day affair thanks to a zero visibility fog that enveloped Toronto's Exhibition Stadium.

The Bombers were leading Hamilton 28 to 27, thanks to Leo Lewis who ran for two touchdowns and threw for a third, when referee Paul Dojak suspended the game due to the fog with 9:31 left in the fourth quarter. The game, the first to be live-broadcast to a U.S. audience, resumed the next day but no points were scored. Winnipeg won what became known as the Fog Bowl.    (Video.)

December 1, 1928 – Brandon’s CKX AM goes on the air. It was owned and operated by the Manitoba Telephone System, a sister station to CKY AM in Winnipeg.

December 1, 2004 - Craig Media sells its A-Channel stations to CHUM.

Fairchild Lofts, Winnipeg
December 1, 1906 - The John Deere Plow Company assumes control of the Winnipeg-based Fairchild Company, manufacturers of farm equipment. The deal included the yet to be open Fairchild Building on Princess Street.

December 01, 1988 - The first World AIDS Day is held to raise awareness of the epidemic.

According to the UN, there were 2.3 million new HIV / AIDS infections around the world in 2012 which is a 33% reduction since 2001. This is thanks in part to education programs and increased antiretroviral treatment.

In Manitoba, there are 1,100 people living with HIV / AIDS. The province’s rate of HIV positive cases is 12.3 cases per 100,000 which is well above the national average of 8.2 cases per 100,000.   The leading cause of HIV transmission in Manitoba is heterosexual sex, which made up 67% of new cases in 2011.

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