November 7: Cenotaph unveiled; Garrick Hotel opens; Selkirk's closest election race x 2.

Garrick Hotel
November 7,  1907 -  The enterprising Biollo Brothers open their Mount Royal Hotel on Garry Street. Its name was soon changed to the Wellington and in 1922 was rechristened the Garrick Hotel.

November 7 /8, 1986 – Winnipeg suffers through an 11 hour blizzard. The temperatures were mild but 35.2 cm of snow fell with winds gusting between 70 and 90 kph.

November 7, 1935 - The Bombers defeat the Hamilton Tigers 18-12 to win the 23rd Grey Cup.

November 7, 1969 - Olympic cyclist Tanya Dubnicoff is born in Winnipeg.

November 7, 1998 - The 1969 and 1970 U of M Bison Football teams are inducted onto the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame for their back-to-back Vanier Cup wins.

Winnipeg Cenotaph
November 7, 1928 – Winnipeg's cenotaph is unveiled. The design selection process was heated as the winning entry of both the first and second contests were disqualified. The runner-up of the second contest was chosen as the winner.

November 7, 1900 - William F. McCreary, a former alderman and Mayor of Winnipeg, wins the federal riding of Selkirk by just one vote. This is the sixth time in history that a riding was decided by this small a margin but, remarkably, it is the second election in a row that one vote decided the outcome of the Selkirk riding !

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