November 5: Royal Albert opens; Alexander Logan is born.

Royal Albert Hotel
November 5, 1913 - The Royal Albert Hotel opens on Albert Street. It boasted 54 rooms, a coffee shop, restaurant and cigar stand.

November 5, 1841 - Alexander Logan, businessman and four time mayor of Winnipeg, is born at Fort Douglas. (Also see.)

He is often referred to as the "Father of Winnipeg". When it was announced in 1879 that the CPR's trans-continental rail line would go through Selkirk rather than Winnipeg, he spearheaded the campaign to have the decision changed. The incentives included the construction of a rail bridge across the Red (the original Louise Bridge), $200k cash and an agreement to exclude the rail company from civic taxes on its property in perpetuity.

The railway changed its route to go through Winnipeg.

November 5, 1914 - The R.M. of Lawrence is incorporated.

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