November 3: Billy Barker born; Walker Theatre reopens as Odeon; Rotary Club formed.

November 3, 1879 – The Town of Emerson is incorporated.

November 3, 1983 - Manitoba Natural Resources Officer Robert C. Logan is killed in an on-duty automobile accident.

November 3, 1910 - The Rotary Club of Winnipeg is formed. It is the organization's first chapter outside of the U.S.A..

November 3, 1894 - William George "Billy" Barker is born in Dauphin. He would soon become the country's most decorated WWI flying ace and earn the Victoria Cross. (Also read about the new memorial erected in Toronto).

Walker Theatre
November 3, 1945 - The Walker Theatre reopens as 'The Odeon' Cinema with the James Cagney film Blood on the Sun. The venue became property of the city in 1936 when it was sold to them to cover the Walkers' back taxes. It sat empty until Odeon purchased it in 1944 and made extensive renovations to the interior to convert it to modern cinema.

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