November 29: Wally Monson; officer down; Bombers win 29th Grey Cup

November 29, 1908 - Walter George "Wally" Monson is born in Winnipeg. He was a member of ‘The Winnipegs’ gold medal hockey team at the 1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympics. Monson died in January 1988.

November 29, 1989 - Officer Keith M. Bartley, a 12 year veteran with the Manitoba Department of Natural Resources is killed in a car collision while on a night-time hunting patrol.

November 29, 1941 - Reg Threlfall's Blue Bombers beat the Ottawa Rough Riders to win the 29th Grey Cup. At the final whistle 700 Manitoba troops in the stands to watch the game stormed Varsity Stadium's field and stole both goal posts. They surfaced the following morning outside the Bombers' hotel in downtown Toronto.

The team is in the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame.

November 29, 1906 - Four people are killed at the CN East Yards (now The Forks) in a bizarre train crash that saw a crewless locomotive engine plow into a stationery freight train. It is believed to be the the deadliest train crash inside Winnipeg's boundaries.

November 29, 2004 – The series finale of “The Greatest Canadian” airs on CBC Television. The winner was former Saskatchewan Premier and the “Father of Medicare” Tommy Douglas. Second place was Winnipeg-born runner Terry Fox.

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