November 21: Golden Boy raised; Portage Avenue renamed; Albert Cohen's SAAN.

Manitoba Free Press,  July 13 1918

November 21, 1919 Georges Gardet’s 5.25 metre tall, 1,650 kg bronze statue "Eternal Youth" is placed atop the Legislative Building. 

Work began on the piece at the Fonderie Barbedienne in Paris in 1915, but wartime restrictions on the use of bronze halted progress, (luckily the construction of the Legislature was also years behind schedule!)  

The foundry was bombed by the Germans near the end of the First World War, but Eternal Youth survived. Work was finished and the statue was permitted to be shipped across the ocean as ballast on a wartime supply ship. He made another round-trip crossing before he was finally unloaded and shipped to Winnipeg.

The nickname "Golden Boy" first appears in media stories in the mid 1920s. (Also see.)

November 21, 1990 – The Selkirk Post Office and Customs Building, Main Street, Selkirk is designated a Provincial Heritage Site. 

November 21, 1982 – The centenary of the Brandon Police Force is celebrated, though it came into being on July 12, 1982. A parade and medal presentation is made at First Baptist Church on Lorne Avenue.

November 21, 1883 – At 8:00 a.m. Dr. R. J. Blanchard delivers the first lecture at the Manitoba Medical College, forerunner to the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Medicine.

For the story behind the creation of  Western Canada’s first Medical School.

November 21, 1934 - Former Manitoba premier Howard Pawley is born in Brampton, Ont. He died December 31, 2015.

November 21, 1881 - Winnipeg's city council votes to rename Portage Road and Thistle Street, (now Portage Avenue East), to “Queen Street”. 

"Portage" had always been an informal name, referring to the fact that Portage la Prairie was the next major stop along the route.

Businesses along the street kept using the old name and within a year council decided to rename Queen Street to Portage Avenue.

November 21, 2011 - Entrepreneur Albert Cohen dies.

In 1947 he opened his first SAAN store, (which stood for Surplus Army And Navy) which grew into the Gendis retail empire. He is also credited with introducing the transistor radio and Paper Mate pen to Canada, products he discovered on his world-wide travels looking for innovative products to sell.

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