October 18: Arena opens; Women are persons; CFRY on the air; Chief Buchanan; Safeway arrives.

October 18, 1955 - The Winnipeg Arena opens with a game between the Winnipeg Warriors and Calgary Stampeders. The crowd of 9,671 breaks the attendance record for a WHL game. On March 26, 2006 it was imploded and the site is now home to an office mall.

October 18, 1989 – The official opening of the Keewatin Underpass takes place.

The Famous Five
October 18, 1929 – Women are legally recognized as persons under the British North America Act. The five women who launched the “Persons Case”, also known as The Famous Five, are: Justice Emily Murphy; Henrietta Muir Edwards; Louise McKinney; Hon. Irene Parlby and Manitoba’s own Nellie McClung.

McClung was a teacher from Manitou, Manitoba who began to write, fiction at first. her work became increasingly political and was soon recognized as a leader of Western Canada's sufragette antd temperance movements. 

Read McClung's autobiographical The Stream Runs Fast and also see the Persons Case Historica Heritage Minute.

October 18, 1956CFRY radio in Portage La Prairie begins broadcasting.

October 18, 1895 - John E. Buchanan is appointed chief of the Winnipeg Fire Department. He  served in that position until 1928.

October 18, 1892 - The Trappist Monastery at St. Norbert formally opens. 

The Trappists, a French order dating back to 1660s, strictly followed the teachings of St. Benedict: charity, obedience and humility. Most fled due to religious persecution in France in late 1800s. They remained at this site until 1975.

October 18, 1929 - Canada's first Safeway stores open in Winnipeg. For more on Safeway in Winnipeg.

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