October 1: CTV is born; Brandon's Centennial Auditorium opens; Kelly caught; Virden boots widow.

October 1, 1883 – The post office for the CPR town of ‘Virden’ is registered after a year of legal wrangling.

The site chosen in 1882 was already inhabited by a widow named Mrs. Willis who inherited it from her husband. The railway syndicate in charge of selecting town sites used a loophole in the Dominion Land Act that said a widow could not inherit land from her husband unless she had small children.

After her land was seized, Mrs. Willis appealed but the government upheld the ruling on that technicality and "A number of 'other equally brilliant excuses were given for depriving the woman of her homestead" (Winnipeg Free Press, December 28, 1882).

I've searched but can't find anything more about Mrs. Willis after the appeal.

October 1, 1960 - The Selkirk Generating Station, located in East Selkirk, begins producing power.

October 1, 1915 - Fugitive contractor Thomas Kelly, wanted for fraud and embezzlement in the Manitoba Legislature Scandal, is caught in Chicago. He would soon be returned to Winnipeg to face trial.

October 1st, 1893 – The post office of ‘Treherne’ is registered, though the site had already been referred to by that name for at least a decade. It is the surname of the man who housed the area’s first post office from his farmhouse.

When the town was registered the post office was moved to the W. H. Rogers' store.

October 1, 1961- CJAY TV, after just changing their call letters to CKY, joins 7 other stations across the country to launch the Canadian Television Network, (a forerunner to CTV).

October 1, 1969 - Brandon's $2 million Manitoba Centennial Auditorium is officially opened. Presiding over the ceremony was Maitland B. Steinkopf who was not only the chairman of the Manitoba Centennial Corporation but also Chancellor of Brandon University who donated the land for the project.

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