May 12: Manitoba's birthday and flag; Roblin resigns; R.I.P. Winnie the Bear.


George-Etienne Cartier's Manitoba Act is given Royal Ascent, carving a little patch out of the Northwest Territories for Canada's 5th province. Manitoba means 'The Great Spirit Speaks'.

For more on the birth of Manitoba see Manitobia: Life and Times.

May 12, 1966 - The flag of Manitoba is proclaimed and hoisted for the first time. 

When the country adopted the new Maple Leaf flag over the red ensign it was decided that the Province, too, should have a flag of its own. The red ensign design was chosen to appease those who would miss the old national flag. 

May 12, 1915 - Premier Rodmond Roblin resigns as the Royal Commission into the Manitoba Legislature Scandal finds misappropriation of funds. For a more on the scandal.

May 12, 1989 - The Manitoba Legislature Building in Winnipeg is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.
May 12, 1934 “Winnie” the bear dies at the London Zoo at the age of 20.

After her death Winnie, short for Winnipeg, became famous the world over as the character Winnie the Pooh. (Image source and a great Pooh history at Pooh Corner)

May 12, 1967 - Manitoba Conservation Officer William McLeod is shot by an impaired trapper. He dies from complications resulting from the wound.

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