A bit of history housekeeping !

A slow day in Manitoba history so I thought I would take the time to do a bit of housekeeping !

- A couple of weeks back I tried a new template for the blog. I like it and I hope that you do, too. If there's anything you don't like please let me know !

- I have cleaned up the links area and added a number of new history essays. My expanded posts end up at Winnipeg Downtown Places or my main West End Dumplings. I try to keep this blog strictly ' history by the day'. I have added blog headlines for my other blogs on the top left so you can see if there is a new history related post and I will try to be more diligent in cross linking them here.

- Another addition is an Amazon e-Store of Manitoba history books.

After Christmas I noticed that a lot of titles that don't often get discounted such as the numerous Gourluck volumes were on sale at nearly 40% off (and still are).

I thought that I would create the e-Store to catalogue of what is available in print (a Chapters and McNally version are coming soon as the titles carried vary by store). Hopefully the link is of use to buyers or to help find a book at your local library as they should carry all of those titles.

I get a minute per-centage of any of the e-Store stuff sold so if you are thinking of ordering, please do it via my links and help out a starving history buff !

I also continue to update my "Manitoba History Gift Ideas" post with great items and organizations that deserve your support.


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