June 14 in Manitoba History - Let there be light & the tragic death of a Black Hawk goalie

June 14, 1873 - The first arc electric light was demonstrated in Winnipeg on June 14 and 15 at the CPR crossing at Higgins and Main in Winnipeg.

As described in the History and Timeline of Manitoba Hydro, the demonstration was by a New York businessman “for the purpose of exhibiting the electric light with which he hopes to obtain a contract for illuminating the streets of the city".

For a national look at the introduction of arc lighting to Canadian cities.

June 14, 1937The Happy Gang began their 22 year run on CBC Radio's national network. The Gang's host and pianist Bert Pearl was born Bert Shapira in Winnipeg in 1913. In 1982, Shapira was awarded the Order of the Buffalo Hunt. He died in Los Angeles in 1986.

June 14, 1934 - Chicago Black Hawks goalie Chuck Gardiner, 30, dies of a brain hemorrhage at St. Boniface hospital just weeks after winning the 1934 Stanley Cup. Gardiner was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1945.

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