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Welcome to my ever-increasing collection of Manitoba history information !

This project began in a couple of on-line forums about 4 years ago. What prompted me to start was that so many Canadian media outlets, including local ones, would trot out "this day in history" using some U.S. news wire feed. Day after day it was as if Canada, much less Manitoba or Winnipeg, existed. We have an interesting history. As interesting - I'd argue even a bit more colourful - as any other jurisdiction. We should be knowledgeable and proud of it.

While on the forums I amassed a lot of entries as well as a decent "Rolodex" of resource links and heritage news sources. This Was Winnipeg was created in July 2008 so that I could share this information with a wider audience.

Year one was set up so that each day brought a new post, the assumption being that at the end of a year the site would need little maintenance other than adding the odd new entry. Looking back at the original posts, though, there are formatting issues, broken links etc. that needed to be cleaned up so I decided to start new daily postings again in August 2009. As a result, if you have a blogspot account you can sign up as a 'follower' and have the day's history delivered to you !

Due to the volume of small entries I do not source each one but don't post it unless I can find an additional source or feel that the original source is reliable enough to stand on it's own. If you notice what might be an error please let me know and I will do further investigation.

I credit photos wherever possible, most often by hyperlinking the image to the source site. Over time, though, I have amassed a large inventory of scans, images, logos etc., some of which I simply can't remember where they came from.

Should you use this blog as a resource or use the information for a wider audience, I ask that you please credit it as it has taken a long time to produce. For reproductions of large portions of the material, I would ask that you contact me first.

I'll gladly offer advice if you are looking for something local-history related - just drop me an email. I have a lot of things happening on-line, not to mention this pesky day job !, so should a request fall through the cracks please feel free to send me a reminder email !

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Enjoy your history !


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Updated August 9, '09

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