May 20: MB's first LG; Luxton dies; Brandon strikes; Falcon Lake UFO.

May 20, 1870Sir Adams George Archibald is appointed the first Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. A lawyer from Nova Scotia, he held a number of senior cabinet posts and was a strong supporter of the expansion of Canada. 

He spent just a couple of years as L.G. but laid some important foundations for the province such as the establishment of the first police forces and negotiating the first two treaties between Manitoba and her First Nations.

He later served as L.G. for of Nova Scotia from 1873-83. Archibald Street is named for him.

May 20, 1919 - Brandon's workers chose this day to have a sympathetic general strike. Over 100 CNR workers and 125 CPR workers are the first to walk off the job. For more on Brandon labour in 1919.

The Avco Cup (Hockey)
May 20, 1979 - The Jets beat the Edmonton Oilers 7-3 to win the Avco World Trophy of the WHA. This was the Jets' third cup and the final one presented. It can be seen at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

May 20, 1907 - William Fisher Luxton dies. He came to Manitoba in 1871 to be a schoolteacher but the following year partnered with John Kenny to create the Manitoba Free Press. (Also see.)

May 19, 1967 - A prospector encounters two 'flying saucers' while working near Falcon Lake, Manitoba. After an investigation the Department of National Defence consider the matter 'unsolved'. (Also see.)

May 20, 1893 - The Janet Skinner King Memorial window is unveiled at Bryce Hall at the University of Winnipeg.

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