May 19: Franklin's last voyage; Winnipeg Citizen publishes.

May 19, 1845 - Explorer John Franklin leaves England with his ships Erebus and Terror to find the North West Passage. They became icebound in July and over a period of three years died off while awaiting rescue.

In 2014 the Victoria Strait Expedition Team found he remains of the HMS Erabus.

May 19, 1919 -The Winnipeg Citizen newspaper begins publication. It is owned by the pro-business Citizen's Committee of One Thousand. (Read the May 19, 1919 edition.)

May 19, 1950 - The Red River crests in Winnipeg.

May 19, 1955 - A building permit is issued for the new Dominion Post Office on Graham Avenue. At $9.5 million, it was the largest permit ever issued in the city to that point.

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