May 16: Bachman leaves The Guess Who; 'Peg's first policewoman; Bomber Leo Lewis.

May 16, 1970 - Randy Bachman leaves the Guess Who. (For more.)

May 16, 1930 - The old Tribune Building fire at 211 McDermot Ave at Main.

May 16th, 1960 - Helen Woollard becomes the first woman to graduate from a full recruit class at the Winnipeg Police Academy. She was also the first supervisor for the '999' (now 911) emergency service in 1959. (Check the link for more early Winnipeg policewomen.)

 May 16, 1919 – The General Strike Continues. (Above article from the N.Y. Times. Also see my 1919 blog.)

May 16, 1973 - Bomber great Leo Lewis,  is inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame. He played 11 seasons (55-65) and made six trips to the Grey Cup, winning four. The "Lincoln Locomotive" rushed for a total of 8,861 yards and racked up 5,444 kickoff return yards.

Former Garrick Cinema
May 16 1968 - The Garrick Cinema opens. It was Winnipeg's first modern-era cinema and its first multiplex featuring two screens under one roof !

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