May 15: General Strike begins; Riel surrenders; Uptown goes dark; Planetarium opens; Civic Centre's cornerstone.

Winnipeg Tribune, May 15, 1919

May 15, 1919 - Strike day. At 7:00 am the first workers begin to leave their jobs. By lunchtime 25,000 workers from 94 unions filled the streets. The Winnipeg General Strike is on. 

For more, see my May 15 entry at my 1919: The Winnipeg General Strike blog.

May 15, 1885 - Louis Riel surrenders after defeat in the Battle of Batoche to Maj. Gen. Middleton. He was taken to Regina, imprisoned and tried for treason. (Above image: Riel as prisoner in Middleton's camp, 16 May 1885, Library and Archives Canada / C-003450). 

May 15, 1968 - The Manitoba Planetarium opens. Above, the Ziess Projector ca. 1969.

May 15, 1964 - Mayor Juba lays the cornerstone for the new Winnipeg Civic Centre.

May 15, 1960 - The Uptown Theatre on Academy Road shows its final film. The interior would be demolished to create a bowling alley.

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