May 13: Winnipeg's mass evacuation; Transcona's first mayor; General Strike date set.

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May 13, 1912
- Colin J. E. Maxwell is elected as the city of Transcona’s first mayor by acclamation. For more on the early days of Transcona.

May 13, 1950 - A convoy of 3,700 vehicles and trains begin to evacuate over 100,000 people from Winnipeg as the city sinks under the flooding Red River. It is the largest evacuation on Canadian soil.
May 13, 1919 - The results of the vote are in: Winnipeg workers choose a General Strike. (For more).

May 13, 1923 - The Soldier's  Realtives' Memorial on the Legislature ground is unveiled. It contains 1,600 names, believed to be every Winnipegger killed during World War I.

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