March 9: Brandon plays for Stanley Cup; St. Stephen's burns; Radford Wright fire kills 7.

March 09, 1904 - The Brandon Hockey Club, forerunner to the Brandon Wheat Kings, start a two game series against the Ottawa Silver Sevens for the Stanley Cup. Ottawa beat Brandon 6-3 in the first game and 9-3 in the second.

March 12, 1904, Winnipeg Free Press

"In 1904 the Silver Seven rolled through the Winnipeg Rowing Club, Sending every player from WRC off the ice via stretcher. The Silver Seven were intimidating as they also rolled through the Toronto Marlboros, Montreal Wanderers, and Brandon Wheat Kings in 1904".

Photo, quote and more info on the series at Sports - Original Sens. Also see

March 9, 1968 - St. Stephen's Broadway United Church at Broadway and Kennedy is destroyed by fire. A new St. Stephen’s Church re-opened on the site in 1970. (Additional images of the fire: Winnipeg Fire Museum Archives.)

Radford-Wright site in 1912 (source) and 2011

March 9, 1912
- The Radford-Wright building on Main Street is destroyed by fire. Seven people are killed by an explosion and subsequent falling debris, including firemen Charles McPherson, 29, and Edward Molyneux, 24.

March 11, 1912, The New York Times

A serial arsonist named James Dodds started the blaze late that evening. An employee working late in a neighbouring building noticed the smoke and called police, likely saving the entire block from burning. Dodds was captured and sentenced to 15 years in jail.

For the full story on the fire see my West End Dumplings post.


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