March 6: Dr. Bird tarred; poet Ruth Collie; Winnipeg Supply created.

March 6, 1904 - The Winnipeg Supply Company is incorporated by a Toronto-based consortium of lime manufacturers and contractors. The company began as a fuel distribution business and ran a limestone quarry at Stonewall. It is now part of Service Experts.

March 6, 1873 - Dr. Curtis James Bird, speaker of the Legislature, is lured from his bed in the middle of the night on a false medical call, beaten unconscious and smeared in warm tar. It was retribution for a procedural call he made that prevented the passage of the first City of Winnipeg Act.

March 6, 1936 - Poet and author Ruth Jacobs Cohen Collie dies. 

In 1908 she married a Winnipegger, Arackie Cohen,  who was visiting her native England. She returned here with him in 1912. After he died in 1919, she was encouraged by her friends to use her writing as a way of supporting herself and her son.

Above: April 19,1919, Winnipeg Tribune
Below: July 6, 1922, Winnipeg Tribune

Her poetry, prose and book reviews first appeared in the Winnipeg Telegraph, Winnipeg Tribune and Western Home Monthly. 

She returned to Britain, marrying Dr. Frank Collie in 1923, and became one of the widest-syndicated female authors of her time.

Collie wrote under two pseudonyms: Sheila Rand, (book reviews), and Wilhelmina Stitch, (poetry and prose).

March 6, 1936, Winnipeg Tribune

Collie toured North America often and returned to Winnipeg at least once, in 1930. When she died in England of a heart ailment at the age of 44, she remembered in her will Annie Garner, her nanny as a child who came - and stayed - in Winnipeg. Just seven months after her death, her son Ralph died en route to Singapore.

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