March 31: Toilers tragedy; Minnedosa's Tribune; numbered streets fail; CATP ends.

March 31, 1883 - The first edition of the Minnedosa Tribune hits the streets. It's the oldest weekly newspaper in Western Canada ! To read hundreds of early editions go to

March 31, 1890 - The Manitoba legislature passes the Manitoba Schools Act which abolishes separate schools for Catholics and Protestants effective May 1, 1890.

March 31, 1984 - Steve Fonyo begins his 7,294 km run across Canada at St. John's Harbour.

March 31, 1933 - A plane carrying the Winnipeg Toilers basketball team, three-time national champions, crashes in Kansas. Only one member escapes death or serious injury. For more, read my post Remembering the Winnipeg Toilers.

March 31, 1992 - Westminster United Church in Winnipeg is declared a provincial historic site.

March 31, 1940 - Winnipeg firefighter James Thomas Murray, 50, dies of a heart attack while fighting a chimney fire on Jubilee Avenue. A 21-year member of the department and WWI Veteran left behind a wife and three daughters.

March 31, 1945 - The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan agreement ends.

It was created as a way to quickly train thousands of pilots and support staff for the war. A joint effort between Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, Canada became a centre for most of the activity with 107 schools. By the time the program ended a total of 131,553 students, (50,000 of them pilots), would be trained.

Brandon's has a restored CATP hangar that is a national historic site.

March 31, 1891 - The City of Winnipeg introduces a plan to change its street names to numbers. For more on the failed scheme.

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