March 30: Riel the M.P.; Canoe Club burns; transit strike gets violent; Virden's Sketchley bats for Sox.

March 30, 1874 - Despite having a bounty out for his arrest in Ontario, Louis Riel slips into Ottawa to be sworn in as the M.P. for Provencher. He flees to Hull immediately after.

1906 streetcar strike F36b
1906 Street Railway Strike
March 30, 1906 - Winnipeg’s first public transportation strike begins. The main issue was pay.

Over 12,000 people crowded Main Street to watch the strikers protest. There were scuffles with police and two street cars were burned. The following day, the mayor read the riot act and the NWMP were brought in to restore order. The crowd dispersed and the men got a small pay raise the following week. (See this Manitoba Historical Society essay.)

March 30, 1954 - Fire destroys the Winnipeg Canoe Club. The 40 year-old, all-wood structure burned for four and a half hours. (More pics at Winnipeg Fire Museum.)  

March 30, 1990 - The Minnedosa Agricultural Society Display Building at the Ag Fair Grounds in Minnedosa is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

March 30 1990 - The Hotel Fort Garry, Winnipeg is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

March 30, 1990 - The Trappist Monastery Guesthouse, rue du Monastére, St. Norbert is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

March 30, 1990 - Kildonan School (Nisbet Hall) at 2373 Main Street, Winnipeg is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

March 30, 1973 - In partnership with Ottawa, Manitoba begins the “guaranteed annual income” project or “Mincome”.

March 30, 1919 - Harry "Bud" Sketchley is born in Virden, MB.

After attending the University of California - Los Angeles he had a short stint in baseball's major leagues playing 13 games with the Chicago White Sox in 1942, (read more about his call-up here.). On April 21, 1942 Sketchley batted in Chicago's go-ahead run in a victory over Detroit. 

Sktechley was the third Manitoban to play in baseball's major leagues. He died in LA in 1979.

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