March 21: J.S. Woodsworth; Dr. Finkleman dies; Cummings hosts Junos.

March 21, 1979 - Burton Cummings hosts the Juno Awards for the first time. He went on to host them three more times.

The Avenue Building
March 21, 2001 - Dr. Emanuel Finkleman dies. The optometrist was a fixture on Portage Avenue for over 50 years and a member of numerous arts groups.

March 21, 1942 - James Shaver Woodsworth dies.

Ordained as a Methodist minister in Brandon in 1900, he soon moved to Winnipeg and for many years ran the All Peoples Mission on Sutherland Avenue, (above.) He represented Winnipeg North Centre as an M.P. from 1921 – 1942 and was the first leader of the CCF, forerunner of the NDP. (Also see.)

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