March 18: Avenue Building opens; Nick Hill dies; Heart of Gold tops the charts.

March 18, 1972 - Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" hits the top of the Billboard charts. It was his only solo single to crack the U.S. top 30.

March 18, 1898 - Magnus "Mike" Goodman is born in Winnipeg. He was a member of the Winnipeg Falcons Olympic Gold Medal team in 1920. Goodman died in Florida in 1991.

Avenue Building
March 18, 1905 - The grand opening of The Avenue Building on Portage Avenue. The first owner of the building was Mark Fortune who, seven years later, died on the Titanic.

April 3, 1951, Winnipeg Free Press

March 18, 2003 - Nick Hill, co-founder owner of Kern-Hill Furniture Co-op dies at the age of 71. For more about Hill and Kern-Hill check out my Winnipeg Downtown Places post !

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