March 13: Orpheum opens; CKY & CFAM are on the air; Hugh John is born.

March 13, 1923 - Manitoba Government Telephones' radio station CKY begins broadcasting with an address by Premier John Bracken.

A week earlier MTS assumed control of CJGC (Winnipeg Free Press) and CJNC (Winnipeg Tribune), the two main private radio stations in the city. 

In 1948 the CBC purchased CKY to be their Winnipeg AM station. The following year Lloyd Moffat created a new radio station using the abandoned CKY call letters.

March 13, 1900 - The Manitou Western Canadian newspaper is founded by R. H. Spedding. It is till published today.

March 13, 1850 - Hugh John Macdonald is born to John A. and Isabella Clark in Kingston, Upper Canada. His former home on Carlton Street, Dalnavert, is a National Historic Site.
March 13th 1957 - Radio station CFAM-AM in Altona begins broadcasting.

March 13, 1911 - Winnipeg's Orpheum Theatre opens on Fort Street. It was part of the U.S.-based Orpheum chain of vaudeville theatres.

In the 1940s it was owned by Famous Players and closed in 1945. The following year it was demolished.

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