March 11: CJOB on the air; Casablanca arrives; Mariapolis incorporates.

CJOB ad in Wpg Free Press, October 7, 1957

March 11, 1946 - At. 6 a.m. radio station CJOB begins broadcasting from their offices on the 10th floor of the Lindsay Building. The president of the station was John Oliver Blick. For more on Blick and CJOB history. 

March 11, 1899 - Alan 'Huck' Woodman is born in Winnipeg. He was a member of the Winnipeg Falcons' 1920 Olympic Gold Medal winning hockey team. He died in Winnipeg in 1963.

March 20, 1943, Winnipeg Tribune

March 11, 1943 - Casablanca's Winnipeg premier is held at the Capitol Theatre, (though there was a one-night 'sneak preview' at the Uptown on February 25, 1943.) This was just six weeks after the January 1943 'Casablanca Conference' between Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt put the city's name on everyone's lips.

Ben Lepkin, a Tribune reviewer, said of the film: "The lush setting is the background for a swiftly paced melodrama played superbly by a top flight cast." Read the full review here.

Mariapolis Manitoba
March 11, 1891- The village of Mariapolis is incorporated. It once marked the edge of the boundary of the province of Manitoba back when it was known as the 'postage stamp province'.

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