Feburary 5: Arlington Bridge opens; Elmwood's inferno; Bird is speaker; Bomber Bud Korchak.

February 5, 1918 - The Riverview Hotel on Nairn Avenue, Elmwood burns to the ground killing four people. The strong winds spread the flames to neighbouring buildings and at one point firefighters had six separate fires to fight. For more on the hotel fire. (Top image: Winnipeg Free Press October 30, 1905.)

February 5, 1909 - The Salvation Army's "Neglected Kids House” at 226 Simcoe Street becomes home to Canada's first Juvenile Court. Justice Thomas M Daly, who was also Brandon’s first Mayor, presided. For more.

February 5, 1912 - The Arlington Bridge opens. It was to be the city's second streetcar link to the North End but due to its steep grade, streetcar workers refused to use it. (For my four part series on the bridge.)

February 5, 1873 - Dr. Curtis James Bird is appointed speaker of the legislature. After the initial act to incorporate the city of Winnipeg failed, due in part to a ruling he made, he was lured from his bed, beaten unconscious and covered in warm tar. The culprits were never caught.

Before entering politics he created the first publicly-sponsored health care clinics in Manitoba. (Also see.)

February 5, 2010 - Bud Korchak dies. He was a kicker with CFL teams, including the Blue Bombers. In 1950 he became part of Grey Cup lore as the first player to come to the rescue of Bud Tinsley, who ended up dazed and face down in a pool of mud in the "mud bowl".

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