February 6: first Children's Hospital opens; the King is dead; Thacker is skating champ.

Children's Hospital No. 1  (source)

February 6, 1909 - The first Children's Hospital opens in Winnipeg. It was a three storey house at 4 Becaonsfield Street in the North End. 

A newspaper account on the day wrote: "The Children's Hospital is essentially a women's work..." and cited Annie Bond and the Council of Women as the driving forces behind its establishment. Also, the hospital's first fundraising committee was made up entirely of women.

The house could handle up to 30 patients and relied mostly on volunteer doctors and nurses. Care cost 25 cents a day. In a couple of years, the hospital moved to a larger facility on Aberdeen and moved again in 1956 to their current home at what is now the HSC complex. 

For more, see A History of Child Health at the U of M which includes a photo gallery of all three hospitals.

February 6, 1939 - The Winnipeg Winter Club’s Mary Rose Thacker wins her first of two North American figure skating championships. She repeated the feat in 1941. (Also see.)

February 6, 1951 - The King is dead. Long live the King. Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen.

February 6, 1919 - A front page story in the Manitoba Free Press declares that the "Spanish Influenza" epidemic sweeping the world has arrived in Manitoba's north. There are large numbers of casualties in many Aboriginal communities.

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