February 3: MPP officer down; Brandon gets "talkies"; Ste. Rose Hospital.

February 3, 1913 - Constable Charles Rooke of the Dauphin detachment of the Manitoba Provincial Police is shot to death trying to apprehend a suspect near Riding Mountain. For more on Rooke's life and death.

February 3, 1947 - The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada WASN'T at Portage and Main ! Snag, Yukon reached an estimated -81 F (-63 C). It was a guesstimate as even the scientific thermometers only went as low as -80 F.

February 3, 2000 - Winkler-born bassist Phillip Ens, who started with the Manitoba Opera, makes his debut at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

February 3, 1916 - A small fire begins in a reading room in the Centre Block of the House of Commons in Ottawa while the House is in session. Within a few hours the Parliament buildings are razed and seven people are dead. The only part of the structure to survive is the Parliamentary Library, thanks to quick thinking staff.

For the next four years Parliament sat at the newly built Victoria Memorial Museum. The Senate occupied what was once an exhibit space called the "Hall of Invertebrate Fossils !"

February 3, 1932 - Andrew Bodz, a 56 year-old Austrian immigrant who farmed near Pine River, is hanged for beating his wife Mary to death in July 1931. Though he was tried in Dauphin the hanging took place in Headingley.

February 3, 1939 – The first patient is admitted to the Ste. Rose General Hospital, three days before it was scheduled to open.

The Strand Theatre, Brandon, Manitoba
February 3, 1930 - The Strand Theatre on 10th Street in Brandon re-opens after a two month renovation to convert it into Brandon’s first 'talking picture' house.

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