February 23: Portage & Main concourse opens; Richardson Building announced; Winnipeg Police Department created.

Jan. 22, 1979, Winnipeg Free Press

February 23, 1979 -The Portage and Main Concourse is officially opened by Mayor Steen. The $7.3 project, which came in $820,000 over budget, prohibits pedestrian traffic at the intersection for a period of 40 years.

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February 23, 1874 - The Winnipeg Police Force is created. The first and only officer was 23 year-old Chief Constable John Ingram. For more on Winnipeg's pioneer police force.

Empire Hotel Postcard
February 23, 1882 - Joseph Edouard Cauchon dies. A businessman and journalist, he was a Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba and built the Cauchon Block, one of Winnipeg's earliest high-end office blocks. It went on to become the Empire Hotel. (Also see.)

February 23, 1925 – The first International Goodwill Meeting of Rotary International is held in Winnipeg. In 1910 Winnipeg became the first Rotary Club established outside the U.S..

February 23, 1928 - William W. McMillan dies while on vacation on Florida. He was a mover and shaker in Winnipeg's early grain trade and president of the Dominion Elevator Company when he died.

Portage and Main
February 23, 1967 - James Richardson and Sons announce that they will build Winnipeg's first modern skyscraper at the intersection of Portage and Main.

The announcement was almost forty years in the making. In October 1929 the site was cleared to make way for a Richardson building but the project was postponed after the stock market crash.

For a history of the Richardson Building site.

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