February 22: First hockey play-by-play; Rugby Football League created.

Winnipeg Free Press, February 22, 1923

February 22, 1923 - The Winnipeg Falcons beat Port Arthur 4 - 1 at the Winnipeg Amphitheatre. It put the Falcons atop the Manitoba Amateur Hockey League and guaranteed them a play-off spot.

What makes this game important in hockey history is that it was broadcast live in its entirety by the
Winnipeg Free Press' short-lived radio station, CJCG. It is credited with being the first ever live play-by-play of a complete hockey game.

For more about CJCG and early Manitoba radio history.

February 22, 1892
- The Manitoba Rugby Football Union was created. The Winnipeg Football Club, a forerunner to the Blue Bombers, was a member team.

For the story of how rugby football became Canadian football, see.

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